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Developed using the innovative NuSilk™ fibre system, SYLKA™ carpets and rugs deliver the look and feel of natural silk but with superior durability – making SYLKA™ the perfect choice for superyachts and other luxury sea-going vessels.

SYLKA™’s commercial grading means that it easily withstands sun damage and spillages, including salt water. Its ability to withstand heavy foot traffic also makes SYLKA™ ideal for charter vessels and cruise ships, including in busy areas like staircases, salons and lobbies.

Available in a range of designer-friendly natural shades, SYLKA™ comes at a fraction of the cost of natural silk while offering outstanding longevity, zero fibre loss, lasting colour and easy maintenance.

SYLKA™ shrugs off spills that would ruin silk, viscose or bamboo carpets and bounces back, looking as good as new, even after spot cleaning for tough stains like red wine, coffee or oil.

Available in a range of designer-friendly tones to enhance any living space, SYLKA™ can be customised to any shade for minimum orders of as little as 20 square metres, with a small dyeing surcharge.

The way that SYLKA™ combines luxury and practicality means that our products are regularly specified by high profile boat builders and interior designers for vessels ranging from 20 metres to 100 metre-plus superyachts.

MY Galaxy of Happiness