SYLKA™ certifications and ratings

SYLKA™ is certified to a commercial density rating of up to 1,000 traffics per day, giving it a heavy domestic/medium contract grading.

It also meets the British Standards BS4790 Hot Metal Nut test for low radius of ignition.

The tog rating for SYLKA™ Royale is 1.05 and SYLKA™ Velour 0.99, which makes both highly suitable for use where underfloor heating is in place.

SYLKA™ also performs extremely favourably in comparison tests with bamboo, silk and viscose carpets, as the table below shows.

Certifications and ratings

These results have been arrived at after rigorous lab tests checking the fibre loss, fire resistance, resistance to various stains like coffee, red wine, oil and ease of cleaning cut-pile carpets (Velour).

For more information on the SYLKA™ collection, please contact us.

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