NuSilk™ by SYLKA™ is a luxury fiber designed to replicate the delicate aesthetic qualities of natural silk, yet retain superior performance characteristics necessary for use in luxury residential and commercial floor covering environments.

Product Virtues

  • NuSilk™SYLKA™’s NuSilk™ fibre is processed through a uniquely designed spinneret, engineered to mimic the size and shape of natural silk for unrivaled visual and tactile appeal.
  • Although products made of NuSilk™ are delicate and luxurious to the touch, the micro fibre from which NuSilk™ is derived shares Type 6,6 Nylon 101 architecture making it extremely durable in comparison to its natural fibre counterparts.
  • NuSilk™ boasts a more compact, high tenacity molecular structure than natural and organic fibre options resulting in a product that will resist fibre loss due to abrasion and will not experience shedding or pilling common in natural fibres.
  • A specialized twisting process results in a finished product that possesses high resiliency, allowing increased resistance to pile crush or “walk out” common in floor coverings made of natural and organic fibres.
  • NuSilk™ is colorfast and may be easily dyed in a wide variety of shades from “paper white” to the darkest hues imaginable, with no issues.
  • NuSilk™ features superior weathering properties in comparison to natural and organic fibres. This includes better sunlight resistance as well as enhanced resistance to rapid oxidation and “yellowing” common in natural fibres.
  • NuSilk™ is inherently highly resistant to insects & fungi as well as moulds, mildew, rot and many chemicals which may permanently stain floor coverings made of natural and organic fibres.
  • Floor coverings made of NuSilk™ fibre may be cleaned as easily as conventional carpet and may be treated with advanced anti soil/stain protectants as well as flame retardant for use in yachts and aircraft.