Sylka AV

Hand Tufted

Our specially developed Sylka AV (anti-viral) masks and Upcycled AV carpets and rugs use the latest fibre technology to provide the ultimate viral protection to your home, venue or yacht.

The AV fibres used in this special collection are positively charged at an atomic level, which ensures that on contact with a virus the negatively charged particles in the protein wall of the virus collapse – weakening the virus and preventing it from replicating or surviving.

This product is well suited to marine applications, such as superyachts, and the unique fibre has been tested to ISO18184 – an industry standard for textiles that confirms their anti-viral properties.

Using specialist proprietary technology, our collection of mask, rugs and carpets remains positively charged – providing lasting protection against viruses.

Our collection remains 99% effective even after 100 washes

Sylka’s AV and Up-Cycle carpets and rugs use the latest fibre technology to create a safer living environment. Carpets made with these innovative fibres still retain the luxury feel and look, as well as ease of maintenance, which Sylka is renowned for worldwide.

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Hand Tufted