SYLKA™ installs award-winning carpet design on MY Galaxy of Happiness

The world’s largest luxury trimaran has undergone an impressive makeover, thanks to the help of SYLKA™ carpets, guided by a leading interior designer.

The 53-metre spaceship vessel underwent the installation of new carpets in April, as part of a general refit of the vessel that is being conducted by O&O European Design and its CEO, Marek Olko.

Built in 2016, by the world-renowned boat builder, Jean-Jacques Coste for Latitude Yachts, the already well-appointed vessel has undergone a significant transformation, doing away with hardwood floors in favour of the softer approach of SYLKA™ carpets.

With a short deadline of just six weeks from instruction to installation, SYLKA™ set to work creating a unique design utilising its Hand Tufted service and Opulence range to realise O&O European Design’s vision.

Marek Olko said: “It was a pleasure working with SYLKA™ they were extremely professional and were able to meet the brief so perfectly. I cannot fault Sylka or its marine team. They were immensely helpful throughout and have helped to create a truly remarkable finish in this outstanding yacht.”

SYLKA’s unique characteristics of being resilient to sun and salt water damage, which it derives from its highly innovative NuSilk™ micro-fibre system.

Steve Farrell, Managing Director at SYLKA™, said: “It was fantastic to work on such a high-profile project and with such a forward-thinking designer. Galaxy of Happiness is recognised worldwide for its unique exterior design and we hope that our carpets carry this reputation for high-quality, innovative design to the interior as well.”

In recognition of the installation on-board MY Galaxy of Happiness, the design and SYLKA’s work were submitted for an International Yacht and Aviation Award, held by Design et al, which it won following a popular public vote.

“We continue to see growing interest in our SYLKA™ Marine services and have already worked on a record number of projects this year in the sector, partly through the recognition we are gaining via our awards and high-profile projects, such as the Galaxy of Happiness.”