EcoSylk makes shortlist at this year’s FX International Design Awards

A unique sustainable luxury carpet, created by SYLKA Carpets and Rugs, has been declared a finalist at this year’s prestigious FX Awards.

The first of its kind, EcoSylk creates new yarn from recycled carpets destined for landfill and has been developed by SYLKA for use across all of its ranges.

Already internationally recognised for its NuSilk micro-fibre system, this latest innovation from SYLKA aims to reduce the 430,000 tonnes of carpets sent to landfill in the UK by recycling yarn and turning it into luxurious new carpets and rugs.

EcoSylk is the embodiment of a ‘circular solution’, ensuring that every carpet created not only comes from recycled fibres but are themselves fully recyclable.

No other luxury carpet producers have made such a significant commitment to quality, style and sustainability.

It was this incredible development that impressed the judges at this year’s FX International Design Awards, who have chosen to shortlist EcoSylk for the Floor Covering category.

Steve Farrell, Founder and Managing Director at SYLKA, said: “We are a ‘no compromise’ brand supporting the interior design industry to create spaces that are suited to their clients’ needs, while also minimising their projects’ impact on the environment.

“Having been to see the tonnes of carpet waste that end up in landfill in person, I knew that something needed to be done to recycle these products but without sacrificing the luxury for which we are renowned.”

Steve said that the team at SYLKA have been inspired by the changing focus within interior design toward innovative and sustainable materials.

That is why EcoSylk is already being specified by the interior designers of high-end residential properties, luxury retail boutiques, corporate venues and superyachts.

“We are proud of not only being shortlisted, but also the processes and techniques that we have developed which ensure that we are reducers and not producers of waste,” added Steve.