Maintenance procedures

Fibre protection

Stain inhibitor can be applied to SYLKA™ as it is a man made fibre, unlike all other faux silks of which are of an organic origin.

Regular maintenance

During vacuuming we do not recommend that a beater bar or a power brush is used on this particular carpet. Ensure the walkways and areas of more concentrated wear are vacuumed frequently and thoroughly.

Interim maintenance

Occasionally more comprehensive cleaning is required to bring back colour and surface appearance.

Recommended cleaning methods

Steam Extraction or Dry Cleaning by any reputable carpet cleaning company. Please be aware that no bleaching agents to be used as all of our products are piece dyed. We recommend that you do a spot test in an inconspicuous area before any chemicals are used.

Periodic maintenance

Thorough cleaning may be periodically required to remove the deepest soiling. Periodic maintenance should only be carried out by a reputable professional carpet cleaner. When commissioning a professional carpet cleaner always check customer references and insurance details.

Ace Carpet CleanersOur recommended carpet cleaner is:
Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd (24 Hrs Service)
Phone: 0207 820 0108
Mobile: 07956 315947

For further details please contact us.