SYLKA™ carpets

SYLKA™ carpets and rugs are made with NuSilk™, a luxury fibre system engineered to combine the delicacy and beauty of silk with extreme durability, at a fraction of the cost.

NuSilk™ is the only fibre system of its type that retains its beauty and delicacy after cleaning other natural silk or faux silk products – including viscose and bamboo – SYLKA™ has a commercial grading, making it ideal for locations including hotels, restaurants and other hospitality venues and corporate buildings, as well as in luxury homes and yachts.

SYLKA™ collections come in designer-friendly natural shades that will complement any living space and create the look, as well as the feel, of luxury. All standard colours are stocked at our London distribution centre and at our Georgia factory in the United States, enabling immediate dispatch to any worldwide destination, subject to availability.

We can also customise SYLKA™ carpets and rugs to any desired shade for minimum orders of as little as 20 square metres, with a small dyeing surcharge, with delivery in six to eight weeks from the date of order.

SYLKA™ is ideal as a close-fitted carpet but bespoke rugs can be made to any size, using leather, faux leather, linen or cotton bindings as a border for a unique product.

  • NuSilk™ fibre is processed through a unique spinneret, engineered to mimic the size and shape of natural silk for unrivalled visual and tactile appeal.
  • Products made of NuSilk™ are delicate and luxurious to the touch, but the micro fibre from which NuSilk™ is derived shares Type 6, 6 Nylon 101 architecture, making it extremely durable in comparison to its natural fibre counterparts.
  • NuSilk™ has a more compact, high tenacity molecular structure than natural and organic fibre options, resulting in a product that resists fibre loss due to abrasion and will not shed or pile, as is common in natural fibres.
  • A specialised twisting process results in a finished product delivering high resilience, allowing increased resistance to pile crush or “walk out” common in floor coverings made of natural and organic fibres.
  • NuSilk™ is colourfast. It may also be easily and successfully dyed in shades ranging from paper white to the darkest hues.
  • NuSilk™ features superior weathering properties in comparison to natural and organic fibres. This includes better sunlight resistance as well as enhanced resistance to rapid oxidation and yellowing common in natural fibres.
  • NuSilk™ is resistant to insects and fungi as well as moulds, mildew, rot and many chemicals unlike natural and organic fibres as long as it is properly maintained.
  • Floor coverings made of NuSilk™ fibre can be treated with advanced anti-soil/stain protectants, as well as flame retardants for use on aircraft and yachts.
  • NuSilk™ fibre enables easy cleaning and maintenance, including spot cleaning that will not leave a water mark. Products made from NuSilk™ fibre can also be professionally steam cleaned as easily as any other conventional carpet, with outstanding results.

For more information on the SYLKA™ collection, please contact us.