Licorice Design

Licorice Design

Bringing out the best of the space is at the heart of the Licorice Design approach to its work.

The London-based firm, founded in 2007 by Deirdre Coleman, specialises in high end residential interior design projects that share a focus on working in partnership with clients and – once fundamentals like space planning and use of light are in place – an enthusiasm for innovation with a timeless feel.

Deirdre has a longstanding professional relationship with Borderline Carpet Planning Services, which began when she needed a bespoke rug for a client. A contact at Chelsea-based Helen Green Design recommended Borderline and following that original collaboration, the company has become Licorice Design’s main carpet supplier.

As a result, Deirdre was the first customer in the UK for the SYLKA™ carpets that are exclusively distributed in this country by Borderline.

Deirdre was initially cautious about using SYLKA™ – made with the NuSilk™ fibre system that gives carpets the appearance and feel of silk and excellent durability – but once she had seen the product, and learned that it retained its good looks even under the heavy foot traffic of venues like casinos, she was won over.

There was also a vote of confidence from the client. Deirdre says: “He was so pleased with the carpets that when he subsequently moved house, he asked for SYLKA™ carpets to be installed there too.”

Deirdre describes Borderline as “a great company” and knows that she can trust the firm to deliver high quality services across the board, from creating a bespoke rug based on her own drawings to promptly and efficiently resolving a fitting issue.

She says: “The guys at Borderline are great – enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their products and proactive, as they were with SYLKA™, which is really helpful to me when I want to pick their brains about what to use where.”

Licorice Design