Katharine Pooley

Katharine Pooley

Katharine Pooley is one of the best-known names in interior design, thanks to a portfolio of assignments at some of the most prestigious addresses in the UK and internationally, a string of awards plus regular features in the design and lifestyle press.

She and her 20-strong team have built her company’s reputation on delivering projects of the highest quality – without ever compromising on craftsmanship or style – on time and on budget. And that can’t happen without having the right sub-contractors and suppliers in place.

For Katharine Pooley interior designer Katie Singleton and her colleagues, one of those key suppliers is Borderline Carpet Planning Services, with whom Katie has worked for almost five years.

Borderline ticks all the boxes for Katie, from the way they will provide plenty of samples and make creative suggestions for products that will reflect the theme and style of a project, through to their efficiency in the ordering process, delivery and installation, where their tidiness on site is also particularly appreciated by clients.

“They are very good all round”, says Katie. “We can say to them ‘We need these carpets by this date’ and they will always come up with something.”

One recent innovation that Borderline is able to offer Katie and her colleagues is the SYLKA™ carpets that it exclusively distributes in the UK, which use NuSilk™ fibre to deliver both a silk-like touch and feel and superior durability. Katie says: “They look as good as silk but are more hard-wearing and cost-effective.”

For Katie and her colleagues, knowing they are working with a carpet specialist that shares the Katharine Pooley ethos of across the board quality, delivered on time and on budget, is very welcome. Katie sums up the relationship: “Although we do use other suppliers, Borderline is our first port of call.”

Katharine Pooley