What our clients say…

Hill House Interiors Ltd

“We love working with Sylka™ – not only is their product and service exceptional -it has a wonderfully luxurious quality that appeals to the senses. We are currently using it on yachts, country mansions and penthouse apartments. Our clients not only enjoy the look and feel of the carpet but love its practicality too.”
Jenny Weiss and Helen Bygraves, Hill House Interiors Ltd


Nicky Haslam, interior designer

“Fabulously faux, I’m a big fan of Borderline’s SYLKA™ product. With the lustre of finest pearls and a hand of softest cashmere, this NuSilk™ wonder delights all the senses, not to mention my clients and, dare I say, is incredibly practical as well.”
Nicky Haslam, interior designer


Harrods Interiors

“We have been specifying SYLKA™ for various projects for over 3 years. I have been consistently impressed by its stunning good looks and durability. To add to this, it is available in a range of modern, tailored and sophisticated colours, which work across a huge range of schemes, giving you the opportunity to constantly reimagine this beautiful product in so many ways.”
Sara Cosgrove, Head of Interior Design, Harrods Interiors


Kelly Hoppen, interior designer“With the lustre of finest silk and a touch of softness, this unique carpet ticks all the boxes, from its good looks to its practicality. And the colours are so me.”
Kelly Hoppen, interior designer


Licorice Design“The guys at Borderline are great – enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their products and proactive, as they were with SYLKA™, which is really helpful to me when I want to pick their brains about what to use where.”
Deirdre Coleman, Licorice Design
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Albyns“Borderline offers us an excellent service. The team there delivers the quality we are looking for, as well as meeting our timeframe and price criteria.”
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Katharine Pooley“They look as good as silk but are more hard-wearing and cost-effective.”
Katie Singleton, Katharine Pooley
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For more information on the SYLKA™ collection from Borderline Carpet Planning Services, please contact us.